DjangoCon 2014: Top tips for developing and deploying on AWS

DjangoCon US 2014

I was at my third DjangoCon earlier this month. As with the previous DjangoCon’s it was a lot of fun. For the first time I was speaking, which was a first for me, at a tech conference, traditionally I’ve spoken at science conferences. My talk was entitled “Top tips for developing and deploying on AWS”, granted more to do with AWS than Django. However, deploying your shiny new site is just as important as writing it, it’s a rather poor website if no one can view it! With the rise of DevOps there has been a push for developers to deploy as well. You can read more on Full Stack Python, an excellent resource maintained by Matt Makai.

Unlike my previous talks this was the first one to be recorded. I’ll be honest I was dreading seeing the recording (as I don’t like seeing/hearing myself on video). However, I was pleasantly surprised and actually the talk sounded much better that I thought it went! Most importantly for me it will be useful to improve my presentation technique and with video evidence I can track my progress (hopefully anyway).

You can review the slides and videos below - I hope you find it useful.