DjangoCon US 2012

I was lucky enough to attend DjangoCon earlier this month. It was a great experience, I’m still following up on the new tips and tricks I picked up. 

This was my first purely software focused conference, they are normally scientific. There are some stark differences. Notably I’m not the only person tweeting! Thanks to the wonders of and I was able to leave DC with all the presentations I attended. Although I took copious notes during the talks it is handy to double check details. Plus it was dual track so I missed half the talks, some of which I would of liked to of seen. 

So scientists, why don’t you tweet and share your research more? You have gone to the effort of writing (thus getting approval to disclose your work) and attending a conference - that is the hard part. Uploading to and sharing on twitter and/or LinkedIn is the easy step! By the same token I will follow my own advice too.